Yielding readers

Yield Coffee Bar in 8th street Linden, is a favourite in the neighbourhood. An escape on days when lockdown becomes overwhelming…

 A corner of this beloved coffee shop is dedicated to a book shelf, a book exchange: an initiative by Tshepo Community Development Initiative.

 You bring your book, and exchange it for a new one to read. The aim of the exchange is to support our commitment towards encouraging literacy, amongst school kids in Windsor.

 A study conducted in 2017, which measures literacy rates of grade 4 learners, has revealed that as many as 78% of learners in that grade in South Africa are not able to read in any language. With these findings Tshepo has decided to commit to encouraging literacy at the Windsor Aftercare, with reading activities, guided support with homework and reading and the Reading Eggs program, which will start as soon as the lockdown period is lifted.

 We work to encourage and support a culture of reading with this project, at the Windsor Aftercare.

 Grabbing a coffee at Yield Coffee Bar and making a donation towards our youth, goes a long way.

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