About us

The Tshepo Community Development Initiative is a community-based Christian organisation in partnership with the local church. Our mission is to develop programmes and implement initiatives that will empower people holistically in order to live independent, sustainable and meaningful lives.

​Tshepo was founded in 2007 as a response to the growing number of homeless and unemployed people in the North-Western suburbs of Johannesburg. Several different churches from the Linden Fraternal of Churches started pooling their resources together in an attempt to better serve the vulnerable community of Windsor and the surrounding areas. As a result Tshepo now runs a successful job creation and job rehabilitation centre in Northcliff as well as a fully fledged Afterschool Education Centre in Windsor.

Tshepo was founded by the Linden Fraternal of Churches who remain a key partner in our initiative to transform our community. Our founding churches and key partners are: