By Nelet Kok

In keeping with International Women’s Day that was celebrated at the beginning of the month, I’d like to tell you about the women I know…
The Social worker who day after day comes into work smiling. Her job is to help those disregarded by society, put their lives back together.
The friend who moved to Cape Town to start a new life, after being cheated on and basically thrown from her house.
The mother who supports: with mamma-bakkies, hugs and long conversations: because thats what she can give.
The lady at the pizza shop who works 18 hour days, and still smile, regardless of the pain in her feet.
The friend, who shares her little: every time, regardless of who you are.
The neighbour that becomes a sister, because she looks after you, listens to you.
The women who, at 40, is more beautiful than ever. Because she knows every lesson, every obstacle and every painful tear made her who she is and she is enough.
The lady at the book-share explaining that every women’s path is unique, adventurous and should be supported.
The Art director with the red hair that laughs out loud. Who paints, plans and create games for reality TV but that sits on her stoep every night, for a couple of minutes, to just be.
The writer who fights, a fierce fight, daily to write relevant stories and be heard in a male dominated world.
The mother who works two jobs so her family can have everything that they need.
These, are the women that I know.
They hold up Half the Sky.