We all have people who believe in us, who support us, who offer us comfort and love when life happens.

The people who love us, love us, despite of what they know about us.
The ones that makes us feel loved, wanted and ok.
We at Tshepo, work very hard, to be that place for the individuals that walk through our door.
The ones who feel betrayed and lonely.
The ones who are hungry and discarded.
The ones who have been rejected by society.
Our aim is to be a safe space for the homeless and the poor where they can work to better themselves and learn to sculpt a place for themselves in the world.
We have incredible staff with talented, giving hearts but we need our community to assist us with this, as we have big shoes to fill.
Here are a few ways you can support us:
  • Buy vegetables and compost at Tshepo
  • Have your car washed 
  • Refill your gas bottles
  • Buy your fire wood here
  • Get a quote for tree felling and rubble removal
  • Buy wooden and pallet furniture and planting boxes
  • Buy herbs and plants from our seedling nursery
  • Make a financial donation.
We also have the following items from our needs list:
  • Kids jungle gym
  • Couch (in good condition)
  • Flat computer screens, mouse and keyboards
  • Used clothing (especially men’s clothing)
  • Stationary (pens, paper, scissors, pencils)
  • Prayers
  • Lawnmower (in working condition)
  • Vaccuum cleaners (in working condition).
We love our community dearly, because we see little bits of awesomeness happening daily, at Tshepo and in the community.
We pray for your well being and for blessings in your life.
We look forward to working with you to meet our aim, every day, tirelessly, with every individual that walk through our doors.