I catch Devana sitting down, eating lunch. He is a busy man.
Diambu, better known as Devana, is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He has lived in South Africa since 2005 and says he come here because of political unrest in the DRC.
Devana worked in KwaZulu Natal for a long time and had a close relationship with his colleague, Mark. He learnt a lot from Mark, he eventually got his license, and became a manager.
Devana laughing says he is a man of many talents: carpentry, plumbing and tiling are just some of his skills. He admits that his creativity is his best attribute: he works according to photos and measurements but for inspiration he looks at pieces and reworks it in his mind, to make it his own.
He came to Tshepo in 2016, set up shop and has been working tirelessly to grow a successful business, this is still his goal.
When asked about his favourite piece that he has built, he shakes his head “…I like all of them…”
He dreamt in 2001 that he was asked to built furniture for the then President Laurent Kabila. A couple of years later he had the same dream. Devana still works to make this dream come true, he says he’d be honoured to built furniture for President Joseph Kabila.
I walk away, Devana already deep in thought, designing furniture.