By Nelet Kok

I read a Facebook message that hit be right between the eye. Normally Facebook is a blur of images, community groups, service delivery issues and a quirky memes in between.

This Facebook post was a short sermon about how when we live a life to celebrate God, it doesn’t matter what we do for a living.
I don’t necessarily like my job: I’m good at it and I have ten years’ experience in the field, but I can now, ten years later, think of other career paths that might be more suitable.
Sitting at work on Monday with all kinds of problems coming my way, this Facebook post hit me, again: it doesn’t matter what I do as a day job, as long as it is to honour God. I started praying for the company, for the work and for its employees: that we will be thorough, patient and able to problem solve instead of throwing rocks.
Pray for your work. Pray for your community. Pray for the people that are homeless and that live in a totally different sphere of life: completely disregarded by society.
Pray for Tshepo and the magical humans that call that their day job.
Because whatever we do for a living or to pay rent: matters little because our life should be a life song to God.