It takes one: just one man, one story and one success to put a smile on my face and hope in my heart…

Mias is close to retirement, but he has no plans of actually retiring. With a new part of his life just starting, he has got all kinds of plans: he wants to still work, make a life for himself.
Mias is from Hammanskraal and has been coming to Tshepo for a couple of years. Earlier, when it was just a soup kitchen, Mias started coming to Tshepo. Since January 2018 he is a regular here. He stuck around saying that he saw “…they help people with their problems.”
Mias’ aim was to apply for a grant but had difficulty at the SASSA office. He came to Tshepo early in 2018 to ask for help the grant application: with the help of the Tshepo Social Worker, Theki, his application was processed and he has been receiving his grant for two months.
He smiles a little when I asked what the grant means to him…
He says that he is happy now because he has a roof over his head and can store his things safely.
Mias says he really likes Tshepo because they help people and they teach people agricultural skills, which to him, is very important.
Mias gladly agrees to a photo and he sits proudly. He says life goes on and he still wants to work and provide a life for himself.
These stories fill up the hope-box and fill up the sometimes-running-low inspiration drawer, because it’s a success, a great victory – not for Tshepo, but for the individual who one day walked through our doors, taking their hope in their hands and together with Tshepo work on a plan to better their lives.