On a sunny winter’s day in Johannesburg a team from Tshepo Community Development Initiative sets out.

 Armed with masks, hand sanitiser, homemade soup, beanies and blankets they set out to serve those who are living on the street during this trying time.

 The team, on the blue skied Mandela-day, are the residents of the emergency shelter. The shelter set up in April, in response to the nationwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is still open. The need arose when the Windsor West shelter had overflow that was directed to Tshepo that opened its doors, as an emergency shelter to those living on the street during this lockdown period.

 A group of 20 people, who love playing soccer, (while practicing social distancing) decided to reach out to others on this unprecedented Mandela day during lockdown.

 A day centred around the principle of giving 67 minutes of your time, inspired by former President Nelson Mandela.

 With all the challenges of 2020 there are important lessons to be learnt. The spirit of serving others that was portrayed by the life of Nelson Mandela doesn’t require endless resources. We can always serve others with that which we have.

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