In line with the start of our new project called Gardens of Faithfulness, which is rooted in the gardening methods and procedures of Farming God’sWay – which in turn is practiced by Tshepo in our own organic garden of grace: Sizanani.

Farming God’s Way is a method developed for Africa and for the people of Africa. Substance farming is a big part of life on the continent: providing for families and communities. Farming God’s Way is part of God’s solution for Africa, to equip individuals and communities to provide food for themselves. Farming God’s Way spans over decades with a proven track record, and has been practised since 1984. Farming God’s Way combines three aspects: Biblical, Management and Technological solution for the agricultural sector. The aim is to shift Africa from a place of begging to the breadbasket, where individuals are able and confident to provide for themselves, their family and their community.

 Biblically the focus is on acknowledging God as God alone. Within the Management tool, the centre lies in to teach individuals sustainable profit, whereas the Technology leg focusses on making use of the “most productive ecosystem” by making use of techniques such as no plouging, God’s blanket – a 100% mulch cover and practising rotations. The three legs cannot be practiced alone, as it will be out of balance. The combination of these practices have been successfully practiced across Africa. Farming God’s Way is a non denominational, non organisational, relational network of people – working across Africa.

 This project runs over six weeks and forms part of our Work rehabilitation programme with the aim to reach 1000’s of gardens, across the country. For more information on the movement and its methods: