Elijah is friendly and we chat during lunch time.
Originally from Zimbabwe, he has been in South Africa since 2004.
A driver John, who he worked with, brought him to Tshepo. He was told that Tshepo will be able to help him find work.
He started working at Tshepo in 2015, working in the garden. He says his favourite part about gardening is to plant, and follow the growth from seed to plant. His laughingly says kale is his favourite vegetable. He likes the way things work at Tshepo and commented that everything always run smoothly at Tshepo.
A position opened up at Northcliff Union Church to look after their garden, and Elijah was the suitable candidate, as he was trained in Farming God’s Way, while working at Tshepo.
Raymond, the Coordinator at Tshepo, describes Elijah as responsible and humble. He is a leader but works alongside everyone.
He is married and sees his six kids once a quarter, as they live in Zimbabwe. He dreams of buying a small car, but add’s with a smile that it should have a 1600 engine.
Elijah says that his biggest dream is to work well and be a competent worker: to be a trustworthy and respected worker. It makes him happy when he can do a job well.
He also adds that being healthy is important to him.
A quick chat later and lunchtime is over. I cannot help but admire his work ethics.