The people who believe in us

We all have people who believe in us, who support us, who offer us comfort and love when life happens.

The people who love us, love us, despite of what they know about us.
The ones that makes us feel loved, wanted and ok.
We at Tshepo, work very hard, to be that place for the individuals that walk through our door.

Rain season

The rain, to me, means peace. It means grace. It means my prayers have been answered. It means our dams get fuller.
I climb in my car, run into my apartment and know for sure that I will have a warm, dry bed to sleep in at night.
For the homeless, rain means issues: more than they already have…
It means not necessarily having a dry bed.
It means they have nowhere to go to stay dry.

A day in the life of an NPO

The needs list of an NPO is never-ending.
Peanut butter, jam, bread, coffee and pap for the soup kitchen.
A lady that can sew.
Rain for the vegetable garden outside.
Cars that come to the car wash.
A decent couch for the reading centre.
Showers for our soup kitchen attendees.
People to buy the organic veggies from the garden.

Meet Simphiwe and his plant boxes

Simphiwe is a serious man; he speaks with his hands, as he tells me his story.   He hails from a small town in Mpumalanga, Malelane. Simphiwe was raised by his grandmother and wanted to be a doctor growing up, like his paternal grandfather.   He sold fruits and...