By Nelet Kok
I looked out the kitchen window.
A vegetable garden.
With the extremely volatile land ownership situation that is currently taking place in South Africa, the sight of a vegetable patch is like a slight sigh of relief. A patch of earth that is quietly and peacefully growing.
Tshepo Community Development Initiative calls it the Sizanani Garden programme. The garden programme consists of compost making, the seedling nursery and the vegetable garden. The vegetable tunnel covers approximately 300 square meter and was a sponsorship a couple of years ago from Tracker.
Sizanani currently boasts organic vegetables, grown in our Jozi: the bustling city we all call home. From broccoli, beetroot, baby lettuce, drumhead cabbage, spinach, spring onion and onion, fresh from the garden.
For the super healthy amongst us, Tshepo has a whole patch of African kale, the Zimbabwean brother, also known for its high levels of anti-oxidants and is believed to be a superfood.
Pop into Tshepo for your batch of locally grown, organic veggies – fresh from our Jozi earth.