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The Women I Know

In keeping with International Women’s Day that was celebrated at the beginning of the month, I’d like to tell you about the women I know…
The Social worker who day after day comes into work smiling. Her job is to help those disregarded by society, put their lives back together.
The friend who moved to Cape Town to start a new life, after being cheated on and basically thrown from her house.


Our lives come to a standstill with load shedding: phones die, no wifi, no traffic lights working, we buy dinner – because, cold food. And we make sure everyone knows we have load shedding.
Life becomes difficult.
Last week, Japie Krige, the Manager at Tshepo Community Development Initiative spoke on RSG (100 – 104FM) about being homeless: at Tshepo we service and help the homeless community to incorporate into life, again. Or for many, for the first time.

This eco-system

I’m not sure when we became so entitled.
We deserve. We can. We have.
I just watched a short video on the protection of the sea turtle in Watamu, on the Kenyan coast. The eggs are laid and take two months to hatch. It is said that only one in a thousand will survive into adulthood.

The ‘green’ issue and a waterless carwash

The green topic is a heavy one. How do we, as humans, clean up the mess that we’ve made over the past decades. The selling point of plastics, years ago my mum told me, is that it is indestructible and that it lasts forever. Now look at it.

Our day-jobs

I read a Facebook message that hit be right between the eye. Normally Facebook is a blur of images, community groups, service delivery issues and a quirky memes in between.

This Facebook post was a short sermon about how when we live a life to celebrate God, it doesn’t matter what we do for a living.
I don’t necessarily like my job: I’m good at it and I have ten years’ experience in the field, but I can now, ten years later, think of other career paths that might be more suitable.

The people who believe in us

We all have people who believe in us, who support us, who offer us comfort and love when life happens.

The people who love us, love us, despite of what they know about us.
The ones that makes us feel loved, wanted and ok.
We at Tshepo, work very hard, to be that place for the individuals that walk through our door.

Rain season

The rain, to me, means peace. It means grace. It means my prayers have been answered. It means our dams get fuller.
I climb in my car, run into my apartment and know for sure that I will have a warm, dry bed to sleep in at night.
For the homeless, rain means issues: more than they already have…
It means not necessarily having a dry bed.
It means they have nowhere to go to stay dry.


With the festive season upon us, it’s all about giving…
We spend our days giving our time to our employer,
Giving our energy to our pets or partners when we get home.
Giving our money to a gym we hardly visit or
Giving our money to a fantastic cup of coffee… because, well, we like it.

One Small Step for Man…

It takes one: just one man, one story and one success to put a smile on my face and hope in my heart…

Mias is close to retirement, but he has no plans of actually retiring. With a new part of his life just starting, he has got all kinds of plans: he wants to still work, make a life for himself.

A day in the life of an NPO

The needs list of an NPO is never-ending.
Peanut butter, jam, bread, coffee and pap for the soup kitchen.
A lady that can sew.
Rain for the vegetable garden outside.
Cars that come to the car wash.
A decent couch for the reading centre.
Showers for our soup kitchen attendees.
People to buy the organic veggies from the garden.

How to order from Tshepo Community Development Initiative

We have great seasonal organic veggies, compost, potting soil and seedlings that can be ordered from Tshepo Community Development Initiative. All of the products are sold in...

Moses from Malawi

I spend two weeks in 2015 in Malawi, not getting far unfortunately, as I fell ill. What I do remember of the country, is the vast open spaces and it’s friendly, inviting people....

Random Acts of Kindness: Dischem Foundation and 702 Talk Radio

A shower is a human thing. It’s being clean and presentable. It is, to a large part, a perception: someone who is clean is perceived to be a ‘better’ person.   A shower is a big...

Dili from Peddie

Dili has a deep voice, we talk underneath a tree, traffic buzzing in the background.   Dili has been in Joburg since 1980. In my mind he now is a Joburger.   Phumlelo Dili,...

Elijah and his ethics

Elijah is friendly and we chat during lunch time.   Originally from Zimbabwe, he has been in South Africa since 2004.   A driver John, who he worked with, brought him to Tshepo....

Looking in

Theki, the Social worker at Tshepo, tells us about a man which came into Tshepo to wash his face. He sat down as he didn’t know who to speak to. Theki walked past, and started...

The carpenter

I catch Devana sitting down, eating lunch. He is a busy man.   Diambu, better known as Devana, is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He has lived in South...

Life skills on a Wednesday

Tshepo is a hive of activity on a Wednesday morning. Actually Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It's soup kitchen.   Theki, the Social Worker at Tshepo Community Development...

Meet Simphiwe and his plant boxes

Simphiwe is a serious man; he speaks with his hands, as he tells me his story.   He hails from a small town in Mpumalanga, Malelane. Simphiwe was raised by his grandmother and...

Meet Raymond

Raymond is everyone's right hand man at Tshepo Community Development Initiative. He coordinates, harvests and generally gives a helping hand to anybody walking into Tshepo.  ...

A piece of land

By Nelet Kok I looked out the kitchen window.   A vegetable garden.   With the extremely volatile land ownership situation that is currently taking place in South Africa, the...

Tshepo partners with Kaya FM to host 6th annual Charity Golf Day

Over the past five years the Tshepo Hope for Children annual golf day has become an institution for many Corporates and avid golf enthusiasts.   This amazingly diverse event is...

Cresta shoppers donate books

Over the Christmas period Cresta mall ran a campaign to collect books for the children of Windsor. The shoppers exceeded all expectations by bringing loads of books both old and...

Churches take hands to make Social Work services available to the poor and vulnerable

In 2018 a dream came to reality when different churches of the Linden area were able to appoint a full time social worker based at the Tshepo offices in Northcliff. Having a...

Hoërskool Linden #Ukunaka Project visits Tshepo Aftercare in Windsor

Hoërskool Linden runs a project called "Ukunaka" where learners are challenged to care about their surroundings and start making a difference.   Ukunaka means 'to care' The...

“I wanna be there when the people start to turn it around, when they triumph over poverty..."

– Hugh Masekela (Thuma Mina)

"Inclusive, good-quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies."


– Desmond Tutu

“To plant a seed, watch it grow, to tend it then harvest it, offered a simple but enduring satisfaction. The sense of being the custodian of this small patch of earth offered a taste of freedom.”


– Nelson Mandela

Upcoming Events

30 MAY 2018


A key opportunity to support Tshepo and participate in a fun and inspiring event.

You can get involved by buying a four ball and joining the field of golfers. Get a corporate four ball or get your company involved to sponsor a hole.

This is not just an opportunity to play golf but an excellent chance to market your company. Our media partner is Kaya FM and the event is promising to be a huge success again this year.


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